well-known characters ‘ lives reinterpreted
Creativity is one hell of a drug.
The best part is that once you have it, it’s in unlimited supply of wonder.
The worst part is that there’s rarely a middle ground: you have it or you don’t. You are born with it and only a few excel at using it for good.
Some of those rare instances are beautifully offered to us by talented illustrators, like Chow Hon Lam, Gregory Masouras or Alvaro Gech. They re-imagined a sort of parallel universe, where well-known characters, from cartoons or very hero movies, do easy things. Each designer imprints his own style on the character. and then he places them in modern situations to create a funny effect.
Firstly, we have Chow Hon Lam, best known in the industry as flying Mouse. He is a designer form Malaysia and has collaborated with recognized brands like NIKE, AirAsia Airlines or Dave Matthews Band. His series recreates action heroes playing sports, chosen based in their very powers:

The next illustrator is a Disney and game of Thrones fan. Gregory Masouras is responsible for these fantastic mash-ups, keeping in mind the physical similarities between characters:

Because he is a big fashion fan, he also inserted incredible Disney ladies (and some gents) on covers of glossy fashion magazines, for a spectacular result:

And because we’re lucky enough to still have summer on our side, I chose another series of well-known characters in common environments, this time courtesy of Alvaro Gech. His pop culture parodies shows us how they would look like in summer attire:


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