a number of people (including Dee, as well as Emily, as well as at least one other person whose email went missing during what I am fondly calling the moving home Interregnum of 2006) kindly sent me links to this display of Queen Elizabeth II’s dresses. much more than 80 gowns are on display, as well as a goodly number of those are featured on the exhibition’s website, in that neato super-zoomo-vision where you can boost the magnification level up until you can inspect the spin on private electrons of the atoms of the fabric. (Click on the photo to see the site.)

This gown is a 1957 Norman Hartnell; a few of the other gowns are even much more elaborate, as well as have not-so-subtly coded messages. They have signs embroidered on them (I understood of the thistle-Scotland connection however not the daffodil-Wales one) or are color-coordinated with the flag of Ethiopia, or whatnot. Me, I just want to make sure my cardigan matches my skirt — Queen Elizabeth II has to make sure her gown matches AN entire COUNTRY. (Luckily, she has a big staff. as well as most likely a stylist, although I’m sure they don’t phone call the Queen’s stylist a stylist. She’s most likely a woman in waiting to the chancellor of the wardrobe, or some such. as well as I’m doubly sure that person is not Rachel Zoe. say thanks to god. )

It’s definitely worth inspecting out — the gowns are rather nice, as well as it’s refreshing to see beautiful gowns produced somebody of a, let’s say, mature age as well as size. as well as her mother-of-the-bride gown (not the Queen mom of the Bride Dress, that was a different one) for Princess Margaret’s wedding event is a beautiful color.

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