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For a few of our visitors it is apparent that our blog is, sometimes, a implies of moving the spotlight on our site as well as as well as the neighborhood that we’ve been building around it. We are extremely happy of our partnerships as well as the designers that put their count on in us, by providing their high quality artwork to our visitors.
Today, I am thrilled to provide you some insight into one of our newest illustrator’s style. His name is Lou Patrick Mackay as well as he comes from the Phillipines. He’s been working as a designer for 6 years as well as has been working with different clients around the world for practically 3 years. right here are the thoughts behind the fantastic designs:
OANA: Please tell us much more about your art as well as style background as well as what made you ended up being a designer?
LOU: My styles are typically extremely comprehensive as well as distinct since I tend to mix abstract style as well as picture at the exact same time. I typically begin it out by believing different ideas, great deal of sketching, layouts, positioning,etc. as well as then the outline parts as well as great deals of tweaking up until I come up with a extremely distinct touch as well as then the coloring technique comes in. Last technique of my style would be producing a great deal of distinct outlining strokes as well as Boom! Its done!
Beast modeOANA: exactly how or when did you begin illustrating on a expert level?
LOU: It started as a pastime when I was a kid, discovered a few lessons with my grandpa however never expected it as a full-time work. during college days, that was the time when I started focusing on drawing/sketching/painting. I was getting a great deal of great reaction from my buddies as well as colleagues as well as accepted jobs from regional clients. When I started, my very first task was much more on web developing as well as programming, which later I chose to be a full-time graphic Artist. as well as by then, I started doing freelance works internationally as well as working right here in the Philippines at the exact same time.
IrisThe untamedEvery artist will always keep discovering as well as I believe that there is NO expert in the field of Arts.
OANA: Where does your motivation come from?
LOU: From my environment, since I’m surrounded by such an fantastic artists right here at work as well as the most part would be coming from my liked ones ( household as well as buddies ).
OANA: exactly how would you explain your style?
LOU: Uniquely detailed. Lol
In- MemoryOANA: What tools you use? Do you go 100% digital or is there paper involved?
LOU: Photoshop, Illustrator as well as the most essential – Pen as well as Paper.
AquabotOANA: Is there anything that you particularly prevent utilizing in your illustrations?
OANA: What was the hardest task you have ever worked on?
LOU: Last year, 2014, I produced a style for an album / t-shirt style contest for a band right here in the Philippines (Faspitch).
OANA: Can you name a few of your preferred styles as well as why?(personal or from other designers)
Interconnected – Simple, unique, great deals of details in it

The Watcher – Colorful, unique, great deals of details

The hold – like the positioning as well as idea of it.

The HostOANA: any type of graphic designers you admire?
LOU: all of THEM
OANA: any type of words of guidance for anybody just starting out as an illustrator/graphic designer?
LOU: keep practicing. keep practicing. keep practicing. Don’t STOP.
Thank you do much for the time, lou as well as for a extremely noise advice!
So, guys, what do you think? tell us your opinions about Lou’s styles in the comments and show us your preferred designers!

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