in some cases we are skeptical about popular trends, irrespective of the company they manifest themselves in. This in some cases occurs for the graphic design or t t-shirt printing business. Lately I’ve seen so numerous Dr who influenced t -shirts that I personally won’t purchase one of those too soon, the idea being excessively exploited by everyone.
The same thing seems to happen with the Muppets that have become the icon of funny all around the world. Their exposure has recently enhanced because of the film that features all of them in a few of the most humorous situations. So I’m on the fence about opting for the flow, but best now I just cannot seem to resists the temptations: there are terrific designs I observed and certainly I’m not the only one.
Here are some remarkable concepts that are en vogue best now, but which are bound to be popular even after the hype of the film premieres goes down:
muppetsmuppetsmuppetsmuppetsmuppetsMUPPETSmuppetsKERMITbffAnd because t tee shirts are not enough:
muppet knits

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