Robot design prints have become very popular this days, for that reason designers started to draw a lot of t-shirt designs this days. Why not, we might say. The t-shirt templates are cool and appealing and they draw attention. What is odd about this is that? The whole Internet is searching for robot t-shirts. They all like them, and the keywords tend to go much more in the robot t-shirt field.
Who doesn’t remember I, Robot or Wall-e? but who doesn’t like those duds? Robots tend to be much more human than many humans sometimes. films have been made, t-shirts have been printed. There is a total madness concerning the robot t-shirt designs.
robot t-shirtRobot designRobots for ObamarobotsRobots save LifesMighty robotLove RobotsThis is exactly why we, ourselves ,designed a few robotic t-shirt designs and we love how they look on actual t-shirts. We tried them out and they are absolutely brilliant. If you want tosee for yourself, you can browse out gallery. The t-shirt we’ve been bragging about is electric Romance. We’ve printed a lot of t-shirts with this design and we are very happy of it.
TShirt factory – electric romance t-shirt
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