I know, I know, I set the deadline for the book cover contest for a MONTH back (more, actually) but, you know, my life got in the way. as well as I had to figure out exactly how to do a cgi type with my webhost. Which wasn’t difficult, however it was a hurdle …

Anyway, of all the submissions, right here are the finalists. now it’s your turn to vote! fill out the type below, as well as select which cover you like best. The criteria? Whether it’s a great gown as well as whether it makes you want to pick up the book. The person who submitted the cover as well as one person chosen at random from all the voters will win their option of one of these titles (so you can vote for a book you don’t really want to have).

mom dressing — Isn’t this gown SWANK? Rosie Dunne — Cute. Plaid. Irish. method of the like affair — The gown alone would make you an professional at flirtation … The Cinnamon Peeler — I like the embellishment as well as the silhouette.Agatha Christie 1950s Omnibus — even if she had to kill for this dress, it was worth it.

[Form removed; entry deadline has passed.]

I will utilize your email address only to tell you if you have won the contest. I will not send you spam! Please vote only when — I fear for my inbox if there’s ballot-stuffing.

Voting ends at 12:01 a.m. Saturday morning June 3rd! I’ll try to have whatever tallied up by the end of the complying with week.

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